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Lee Dong-Gook's Fantasy House

Football star Lee Dong-gook's dream fantasy house - with a tennis court and a big mirror in the backyard for his two daughters who wants to be a tennis player and a model. The house also has a barbecue area, a living room that resembles a library, a bar, and a movie theater. 

A-Pink's Fantasy House 

The Fantasy House for Girl group A-Pink's members Cho-rong and Bomi - A split-style house designed to cater to their contrasting tastes! One side features a modern style, while the other side evokes the imagery of a countryside grandmother's house.

 KCM's Fantasy House

The Fantasy House Dreamed by Singer KCM, Who Loves Fishing - A house with the sea right in front, allowing him to go fishing in his pajamas. It also features a camping site where he can wash and cook the seafood caught right from seaside.

Lee Sun Bin's Fantasy House 

Actress Lee Sun-bin's dream fantasy house - featuring four distinct multi-purpose spaces. A white bedroom, an entertainment room where she can invite friends to play games, a terrace room that allows her to bask in sunlight, a refreshing kitchen area, and even a garden for her dogs.

Andy's Fantasy House

The Dream Fantasy House Former Idol Star Andy Envisions - A house where one can experience living like Mansour, with a grand exterior reminiscent of a Greek temple. Imagine riding horses through the enormous garden, while inside the house, there are karaoke rooms, a fancy bar, a screen golf, and various entertainment facilities.

Park Brother's Fantasy House 

The Dream Fantasy House of the Park Brothers - Actor Park Ki-woong and Ceramic Artist Park Ki-seung. It includes Park Ki-woong's music room where he can enjoy classical music and Park Ki-seung's pottery studio where he can fire ceramics. The living room resembles an artist's house with a glass ceiling, reminiscent of the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Idol star HILIGHT's Fantasy House

The Fantasy House of Highlight Group Members Gikwang and Dongwoon - A spacious area to hang out and have a beer, with a nearby lake, rooftop, and a wide yard where a Golden Retriever can run around.

Youn Eun Hye's Fantasy House 

The Fantasy House of Actress Yoon Eun-hye - A house where friends and family can live together like a community. It includes a home theater, sauna, a spacious yard and an art studio.

Um Hyun Gyung's Fantasy House

Actress Um Hyun-kyung's Dream Fantasy Home - The exterior is a traditional Korean tiled-roof house, surrounded by fields where vegetables are grown and animals like pigs, chickens, and cows can roam freely. However, the interior of the house is a stunning and vibrant modern house, in complete contrast to its traditional exterior.

Musician Juck-Jae's Fantasy House 

Musician Juk-jae's Fantasy House - He, who loves Starbucks, dreams of a house resembling an opera house where he can have jam sessions with musician friends.

Pyo Chang Won's Fantasy House

The Fantasy House of Profiler Pyo Changwon - A vintage interior reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes' office, adorned with numerous books. Opening the secret bookshelf reveals a connected room transformed into a crime investigation chamber. Additionally, the house features a spacious bookstore café.

Hong & Wax's Fantasy House 

The Fantasy House of Hong and Singer Wax - They are best friends with distinct tastes, desiring a house where they can respect each other's privacy while living together. Hong prefers vibrant Thai-inspired style, while Wax prefers modern, white-themed interiors. The house also features a party room where they can invite friends.

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