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Title.   SBS  My Fantasy House 

  허영지, 이승윤, 양동근 

On air.   2020. 8.  SBS channel

Paper Set design.  MARCH studio 

Fantasy House

A fantasy house that former idol star Heo Youngji dreams of. A cabin in the woods, secluded from passing cars, offering a quiet and cozy atmosphere. The interior of the house features warm wooden furniture and an efficiently designed layout for utilizing the limited space. With ceilings and walls made of transparent glass, resembling a greenhouse at first glance, the house allows for romantic stargazing at night.

Source : SBS 
판타집스튜디오1 (3).jpg

Seung yoon's
Fantasy House

A fantasy house envisioned by comedian Lee Seungyoon, who dreams of living in a mansion like Malibu Ironman's. This dream house boasts a fully automated smart home where everything operates. Inside, there is a spacious gym, perfect for the fitness enthusiast. The house is designed for the ultimate Ironman fan, with decorations featuring Ironman statues and memorabilia.

Source : SBS 
판타집스튜디오1 (5).jpg

Dong geun's
Fantasy House

Actor Yang Donggeun's fantasy house is like an amusement park where his three children can freely play and frolic. The house is surrounded by various amenities, with a hospital and kindergarten being essential. Inside the house, there are high ceilings designed for the kids, along with features like trampolines and climbing structures, providing a fun-filled environment for them to enjoy at home.

Source : SBS 



Source : SBS 
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